1 x 84HP low cost cabinet LC3_Doepfer

195 EUR / Out of stock.

Smallest version of the low cost cabinets with one row of 84HP width only. It uses a 1200mA power supply with external transformer.


Simple unpainted wooden cabinet which is just okay for occasional transport only (due to the missing lid and light construction).
The 1200mA power supply from the DIY kit with an external transformator is used here. The power inlet is located on the side i.e. you can lay the case on the back which is cool for live use.


power inlet on the side


outer dimensions: 445 x 150 x 160 mm (WxHxD)

inner dimensions: 84HP x 3U. Usable depth for Eurorack modules: ~110mm; measured from the back of the modules.

Weight without modules: 3.5kg

3.5 kg