EF/Preamp_Sputnik Modular

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The module consists of two parts:
Number one is a pre-amplifier for instruments or microphones with selectable impedance and three switchable frequency ranges and number two of an envelope follower with adjustable sensitivity and decay time as well as a pulse generator with two modes.
The pre-amp's output is pre-patched to the envelope follower's input.


As we can tell by the large 1/4" socket and the impedance switch this section has been designed for microphones and instruments. Select with a switch between three frequency ranges (low, mid high) and set the gain with the potentiometer.

Envelope Follower:
This section's input has a sensitivity control for adjusting the signal level and to get proper voltage amplitude at the CV output. The follower offers an adjustable decay time which prevents percussive signals to generate CVs that fade away too quickly.
The follower's pulse output reacts to signal changes and it's activity is displayed with a red LED. The response behaviour can be selected between transient mode and sustained mode.


Pre Amp: input (1/4"), output (3.5mm)
Envelope Follower: input, pulse output, CV output (all: 3.5mm)


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wid