Nebulae_Qu-Bit Electronix

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Nebulæ is an audio file player/granular oscillator in the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. It uses sound files as the source material for creating loops, melodies, granular clouds, drones, pads and otherworldy textures. Ships with a flash drive containing a copyright free sample library recorded and mastered specifically for Nebulæ. 

- Plays .wav, .aif, .flac , and .ogg files from a USB device

- No naming convention for files

- Independent control of pitch and speed

- 1V/oct pitch tracking

- MIDI control over all parameters

- Runs custom Csound code

- DSP engine of Csound

- Looping / one shot capabilities


The Nebulæ reads data from an USB memory stick, up to 9.5 minutes audio material can be loaded. It accepts .wav, .aif, .flac , and .ogg file formats. A complicated naming convention for files isn't necessary. Module ships with an USB flash drive containing a copyright free sample library recorded and mastered specifically for Nebulæ.
Pitch and playback speed can be controlled independenly and pitch can even track 1V/octave via a dedicated CV input. The original signal can be mixed with the processed signal. Gate signals can be used to freeze the signal, to recall presets and to skip to next file.

The module has a MIDI input which makes possible to control all parameters via MIDI and also sample playback i.e. you can use the device as a classic keyboard-style hardware sampler.

In Looping Mode you can load one sample, modulate it's pitch, playback rate and direction, loop the file, freeze, distort and chop in granular fashion. All parameters can be controlled via MIDI or CVs.
In Edit Mode important parameters are set and saved: direction of file playback, range of speed and pitch in Loop Mode etc. Up to three presets can be saved.
In One Shot Mode up to eight samples can be loaded simultaneously, played and their varispeed modulated. The files can also be started and stopped by MIDI.

More about the module and it's functions is written in the manual.

*(Now delivered with free sample library on 8Gb 'leave-in' USB Flash Drive!!!)

"The new Nebulae firmware has many changes. 

It now has a retrigger that retriggers the beginning of the loop. 

It can load pure data as well as csound code and it can load many of the files at once and switch between them. 

The granular section has also been vastly improved and now has options for asynchronous grains and random pitch deviation."