SVF-201 State Variable VCF_Koma Elektronik

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SVF-201 State Variable VCF

State variable multi-mode filter with optical components (vactrols) that provide for a good sound. Three filter types are available and you can blend between them. Voltage control of cutoff, resonance and mix.


The filter has a slope of -12dB/octave and three filter types: low pass, band pass and high pass, available at individual outputs. Besides this you´ll find the Mix parameter that will blend between the filter types manually and by voltages and send the result to the according Mix output. The Mix Out attenuator acts as a normalized CV source if nothing is patched into the Select CV input.
The resonance can be voltage controlled as well. Soundwise the filter is pretty nice as it has a very unique sound, somehow nasal and metallic; very interesting!

The cutoff controls is backlit with a white LED, this can be deactivated by a jumper on the back.


4 Audio outputs: low pass, band pass, high pass, mix
3 CV inputs for cutoff, resonance and mix


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 40mm deep.