UNO 84 (Beech wood)_Frap Tools

1220 EUR / Out of stock.


Portable and foldable Eurorack case with three rows á 84HP width and a depth of up to 85mm! In this simple yet well-thought metal case with BEECH wood sides all screws and folding mechanisims are hidden and there are slots for internal busboard cabling. The case meets hand luggage requirements of most major airlines. High-precision italian manufacturing.
The UNO 84 contains no power supply but offers the user free choice and clever ways for mounting common power distribution solutions.


Compability with power supply solutions (Not included - have to be purchased separately):

  • middle row can house following active buss boards: 1x MakeNoise Powered Bus Board, 1-2x TipTop Audio Zeus Studio Bus
  • The top and bottom row accepts following passive buss boards (one each): TipTop Audio Zeus Passive Board, Doepfer passive busboard, ADDAC 900b Passive Board, 4ms Distro Board, 4ms Sticky Board.

Each row is supplied with a special adaptor plate for compatible buss boards which has lots of threaded holesin the correct places.

Cable space
Depending on modules setup, knobs and other cables position, the case allows:

  • up to 4 stackables per side when the case is folded
  • up to 2 stack cables in the middle row when the case is folded
It works perfectly with TipTop Audio Stackcables and patchcords by Ad Infinitum, Doepfer and Nazca

A padded carrying bag is supplied with the UNO 84 case.

The Synthrotek Deluxe Power will not work in the Frap Tools UNO case as the special cables with Molex connectors are too thick for the internal cable guides of the case. It would work only if you made your own cables.

With 5.4kg weight the beechwood version is the lightest of the three different vesions which may be of interest for the traveling musician. And at the same time it's the less expensive one :)


folded: 470 x 210 x 297mm (WxHxD)
unfolded: 470 x 278 x 380mm (WxHxD)

rows' depths
up to 85mm in middle row, depending on power board in use
50 mm available in the upper and lower row

6,2 kg